We offer great returns of 30% to 60% per annum, based on the length of the term. Our published ROI is guaranteed, with timely monthly interest payments made as per agreed schedule and principal Loan Note repaid at the end of the agreed term.

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Tulipe Limited is a private investment company that specialises in indice, equity and cryptocurrency trading. Through the combined use of in-depth market research, trends analysis and proprietary algorithms, we create profits through short, medium and long term trading.  Our working capital is created from cash reserves, liquidity provided from day trading profits as well as Loan Notes issued to individuals and corporate clients. We work with a maximum of 10 clients at any given time and operate a waiting list managed on a first come - first served basis.

Our business model keeps things simple and generates handsome rewards for its private and corporate Loan Note Holders.

Our Loan Notes process is very straight-forward.

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A fixed agreed interest rate offered by the borrower (Tulipe Ltd) to service an Unsecured Loan Note, paid to the lender (the Client) according to an agreed schedule (weekly or monthly) over an agreed term.


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